How much does it cost to live in Japan?

"Spend me, spend me..."
Hideyo Noguchi says, “Spend me, spend me…”

How much does it cost to live in Japan? Now that’s a good question. Some people say Japan is expensive, others say it’s inexpensive. Thanks internet, how did we make do before you? After a lot of research, I’ve decided it’s really another question in disguise. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not but I feel it’s my duty to tell you anyway. Hey, that’s me – always looking out for your best interests. So what’s the real question then? Okay, I’ll tell you: The real question is, “how low are your standards?”


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Inspiration is everywhere! Or how to learn martial arts from manga

Miyamoto Musashi - inspiration all around him

I passed my driving theory test on Tuesday! To do so I had to answer ridiculous questions about whether diesel was slippery, followed by clicking a mouse button every time I saw a pedestrian. Now when I’m hitting the open roads and a pedestrian walks out in front of me, I’ll think, “CLICK!”, then wonder why 5 years later I’m still writing letters to the Driving Standards Agency blaming them for my vehicular manslaughter. Is that my imagination running away from me?  Hard to tell sometimes. (more…)

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