It’s all about trust

Their trust definitely didn't cause them to fall to their deaths (I think, I don't know)
Their trust definitely didn’t cause them to fall to their deaths (I think, I don’t know)

Just chilling out waiting for my sofas to be taken away.  Oh wait, that was five hours ago, and I still have my sofas.  They won’t budge.  I’m starting to wonder if they’re cursed – the mere suggestion of my sofas needing to be taken away is enough to turn even the most respectable house clearance professional into a paragon of unreliability. (more…)

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Inspiration is everywhere! Or how to learn martial arts from manga

Miyamoto Musashi - inspiration all around him

I passed my driving theory test on Tuesday! To do so I had to answer ridiculous questions about whether diesel was slippery, followed by clicking a mouse button every time I saw a pedestrian. Now when I’m hitting the open roads and a pedestrian walks out in front of me, I’ll think, “CLICK!”, then wonder why 5 years later I’m still writing letters to the Driving Standards Agency blaming them for my vehicular manslaughter. Is that my imagination running away from me?  Hard to tell sometimes. (more…)

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